Gov. Perry's "handling" of the Texas Forensic Science Commission shows a flagrant disregard for the well-being of the citizens of Texas. It is apparent that the Commission under Bassett was following proper scientific methodology: Peer-Review, seeking expert analysis, and focusing only on the scientific practicum in the open - not on peripheral issues. If I were a member of the former commission that was still sitting, I would resign in protest of this obviously political maneuver. To me, It looks like typical Perry chicanery to derail a solid program if it might make him look bad going into the primaries. Especially if it concerns releasing people wrongly convicted. I suspect that if the truth were known about other such actions (open or clandestine) the story would fill a quite interesting volume. I believe that the Legislature should address this issue at its first opportunity. I can only hope that more Truth comes out should he make a run at Obama in 2012. Considering his long record as governor, I'm sure the media will discover some things. The State of Texas has a very powerful Governor, derived from the powers of the President of the former Republic. Perry has clearly shown that if he has the power to do something, he just might.