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Folks call me the Go-To-Guy because of my many and varied experiences. These include Store Clerk, Detective, Clergyman, Attorney, and everything in between. If I opt not to help you, I can find someone who will.


Here is my life in a capsule:


Polio, several bouts with pneumonia, very dangerous strains of influenza during terrible epidemics…these were overcome in my childhood. My ne plus ultra consisted of some minor successes as a practicing attorney, sundry scholarly publications, as in the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES, a few brilliant investment decisions, and reams of beautiful poetry, which I put to the flames long ago, having written it solely for myself, and with the comfort that it is fixed immovable in the mind of God for eternity.  The sure and certain knowledge that I can laugh with abandon, cry without shame, love deeply, and show dogged devotion to whomever I have become inextricably bound is all I have remaining; but these are all that ever really mattered anyway. I have little advice to offer other than the words of Aristotle… Criticism is something we can avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, being nothing. Of nobler mien is to stand for something; believing in everything, one will fall for anything. Be committed, though it traverses the Universe Divide as the mist, like sparks dancing silently in the straw, without notice in the mind or memory of Man. 


Begin here; you have nothing to lose.